Frequently asked questions


How long will it take to make my item?

All items are handmade to order.  It will take 2-3 weeks to make your item (although we always strive to ship orders out as soon as possible and will ship sooner if we can).  

Rush orders: Please make contact for rush orders before placing your order.  Your order is rush if your wedding is in less than 4 weeks time.  We will try to accommodate your order if we can and at no extra cost.

How long will delivery take?

Shipping times are:
UK: 2 working days
Mainland Europe: 5-7 working days
Rest of the World: 7-10 working days 

The vast majority of items will arrive within the above shipping times, although we cannot guarantee this.  Further information on our shipping policy can be found here.

Do you accept custom orders?

Yes.  We are more than happy to discuss and explore custom orders so please feel free to contact us

Mix and Match: It should be possible to mix and match your favourite parts of different veils within our range.  For example, if you like the dried flower bar from the x veil, but want it with the dotted tulle and lace from the Y veil; or you like the Somerset flower crown but you would like the detachable veil to be made from the full lace of the N veil; or you like the style of the pearls in the Y veil but would like it made with an ivory tulle, then we should be able to accommodate these requests and please contact us to discuss options.

Colours and flower types: If you would like a different type of parchment or dried flower then this may be possible.  Similarly, if you would like different colours of flowers to match your wedding colours that may also be achievable.

Silk tulle: Although we do not offer it as a matter of course, it is possible to make most of our veils using silk tulle.  Silk tulle is a luxurious, soft and delicate fabric which unfortunately comes with a price tag to match its splendour.  Please contact us if you would like a quote for a silk tulle veil, letting us know your preferred veil style, length and finish.

New materials and style: Custom requests that are likely to be more challenging are those that request new materials that are not currently used in our range (except for silk tulle), for example fresh or silk flowers, or which those that are different to the style and design of the products in our range.  We will try to accommodate requests where we can so please still feel free to explore this with us.

Oval shaped veils:  Our veils are designed with a straight cut (square shaped) bottom edge which give the veil a more distinct, quirky and modern look.  If you prefer an oval shaped veil then this is possible for many of our veil designs.  Please contact us to check whether this is possible for your preferred style of veil.   

Can I view a sample of your fabrics?

Sample packs for veils are available to purchase for a small fee (£2.50 plus postage).  The Main Sample pack includes samples for the vast majority of our wedding veils and includes samples of the white, ivory and champagne tulle, the small and medium dotted tulle, the four lace edge options, the lace on the Cumbria Veil, examples of the colours used on the personalised tags and small parchment flowers and leaf.

Separate sample packs are available for the Merseyside and Isle of Ely Veils which include a sample of the lace used plus the examples of the colours available for the personalised tags.

What is a personalised tag?

Some wedding veils can be personalised with your initials and the date of your wedding to make it a truly unique veil which you can keep as a memento of the day for years to come. The initials and date appear on a hand painted tag that is sewn on to the inside of the comb.  The tag is not visible when the veil is worn.  The description of the veil will include whether a personalised tag is possible with that veil style. 

The lettering comes in three colours: glitzy gold, silver or ‘something’ blue.  The initials could be your old initials, your new initials or the initials of you and your partner (for example M & N).  Given the difference between the British and American presentation of dates (day/month/year or month/day/year), please specify how you would like the text to appear on the tag (for example D.J.19/07/2016) in the additional information box during checkout. 

Here are some pictures of personalised tags and samples of the three text colours are available in our Sample Packs.

What lace options do you offer for the edging on your veils and are there pictures?

Our veils can be finished with either a raw edge, which is a simple clean cut edge, or with a choice of four laces: Oriel, Piccadilly, Rexcote and Somerville laces. 

Here are pictures of the available lace edges and samples of the lace edges are included in our Main Sample Pack, which may assist you in choosing your preferred style of lace.

What happens if I receive my item and I don’t like it?

We recognise that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and that you will want everything to be perfect. Therefore, if you are not 100% happy with your item you can return it to us in its original condition and receive a refund.  Further details on our refund policy can be found here.