Cornwall Flower Crown and Veil - Rustic flower crown with detachable veil

Cornwall Flower Crown and Veil - Rustic flower crown with detachable veil

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This Pelican Rose flower crown is made from white, ivory and light natural coloured dried flowers. It is a bohemian, rustic style bridal headpiece that is perfect for a outdoor loving bride who wants a natural style on her wedding day.

The dried flowers are supported by grapevine wire for a rustic finish. The dried flowers on the headpiece are very delicate and require gentle and careful handling.  The wedding veil is fully detachable and an be removed after the ceremony, leaving the bride with a beautiful crown to wear at the reception.

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Further details

  • Flower crown made from a mix of English grown natural dried flowers supported by rustic grapevine wire.
  • Flower crown is flexible enough to bend to fit the shape of the head and comes in one size to fit most head.
  • Fully detachable veil made from soft, luxurious draping tulle manufactured in England. 
  • Veil comes in either ivory or white.
  • Veil detaches by hand from inbuilt concealed hooks on the inside of the flower crown
  • Made in a selection of veil lengths or a custom length if preferred.
  • The bottom of the veil is square, rather than the traditional oval, which suits the style and gives a more modern look.
  • Veil is 85cm wide.
  • Finished with either a raw edge or with a choice of four laces edges.
  • Packaged in a pretty (but sturdy) 100% recycled Kraft gift box which can be used to store and protect your veil for years to come. 
  • Made to order and takes up to 3 weeks to dispatch (please contact me for rush orders).

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